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Car & Van Repairs

We are Datchet based car specialists. We offer our services since 2009  covering the whole Slough area. A professional and friendly staff will repair all makes and models of cars and vans using the latest diagnostic technologies at low prices. Our offer includes all sorts of engine repairs, brakes repairs and service, computer diagnostics, safety analysis and repairs (ABS, ESP, ASR, airbag), drivability problems, co2 emission problems (FAP, DPF), clutch replacement and any other mechanical failures of your vehicle.

Vehicle Repairs in Slough

We are also able to repair your car or a van after being involved in an accident. Our garage has got professional spraying facilities and experienced car body painters. If your car requires service only, CARPOL is the right place to do that. We offer you full car servicing, oil and fluids exchange and preparing your vehicle for a MOT. Collection and drop-off of your car from your home or workplace can be arranged.

Experience and professional equipment help our friendly staff to deal with any problems. As a professional and trustworthy garage, CARPOL would be very pleased to offer you business partnership for your fleet maintenance.


Qualified & Experienced Car Mechanics in Slough

From the first day of Carpol establishment, provision of quality car repair services has been our core goal, and we’ve built a remarkable history and reputation ever since. Today, Carpol is one of the most preferred car repair garages in Slough, and the surrounding areas. Our services include doing MOT, car servicing, repairs, exhausts, brakes, bodywork, and fixing clutch and tyre problems.

Our offer includes



The yearly MOT test is an obligation that’s aimed at ensuring the vehicle meets specific safety measures, exhaust emissions, and roadworthiness aspects. Is your car due for its yearly MOT test? You can entirely rely on us to provide efficient and prompt MOT services by visiting our garage and letting the skilled technicians handle the task.


Car Servicing

We think that annual or according to the millage servicing will keep your vehicle running for longer. Book your car service with CARPOL now to prepare your car for the current season. We try to keep servicing prices as low as possible in the Slough area. We use the best parts and fluids from recommended manufacturers that will fit your vehicle.


Car & Van Repairs

It’s good to ensure that your car is an excellent driving condition. At Carpol, we carry out full-service car repair which includes everything about your vehicle: computer diagnostics; battery replacement, ignition check-up, carburettor rebuilding, air filter replacement, alternator fixing. A/C air conditioning, brake diagnosis, cooling systems, and other general car problems.



Tyres stand between you and the tarmac, and it is critical to keep them flawless all the time. We offer alignments, tyre balancing, tire rotation, tyre pressure monitor, patches repair, fixation of tire plugs and other assorted tyre repair services to keep them healthy. Visit our garage if you detect anomalies with your car tyres or looking to replace them with brand new ones.



An underperforming exhaust system can result in reduced efficiency and can lead to other problems in your car. Come to CARPOL for a check so we can test, repair or replace car exhausts. We will only use the best parts that will suit your car and your budget. Visit our garage in Datchet for your exhaust service or repair.



When it comes to safety, brakes, are the most important safety feature in your car. We specialize in brakes servicing and replacement, using the best parts and offering you the best service in Slough area. CARPOL offers you best brake service in Datchet area at comprehensive prices.



The clutch of your car does wear out with time, but its repair is relatively simple compared to the transmission. Our garage replaces worn out clutch discs; fixes the leaks in the hydraulic system; corrects stretched cables among other problems. Bring your car to the technician and have its clutch checked for issues.



Dents, scratches, scuffs and other bodily imperfections that arise from collisions, accidents, vandalism or ageing can seriously ruin the beauty of a vehicle. You can count on us to complete paint jobs; do body modifications; remove scratches; correct dents; body refurbishment and other generalised body maintenance work at affordable prices and convenience.

Fleet maintenance

We will be extremely happy to start cooperation with new businesses. We are able to take care of your fleet when it comes to repairs or car servicing. CARPOL is located in Datchet which is a very close distance from Heathrow airport, where lots of taxi’s companies are based. If you are one of them and would like to cooperate with us please feel free to call us.

Why choose us

  • Experienced & Qualified Technicians
  • Friendly & Helpful Staff
  • Fast & Convenient
  • Lowest Prices & Highest Quality
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Only Best Parts Used
  • One Stop Shop
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